How to Recommence Your Business After Lockdown

How to Recommence Your Business After Lockdown


April 29, 2020

Have you thought of how our lives have changed within the blink of an eye?

Everything happened at a drastic speed of time! We were completely living a different life before this pandemic, and currently into a living that we never dreamt of. Global leaders, millions of citizens, and more than 150 countries are facing the challenge of a lifetime. Most importantly, the realization that humanity and the lives of people are the most important than anything has emerged into millions of hearts.

The economic slowdown and its consequences in businesses

The current financial year had a low rate of 4.7% by hitting the world with a major economic slowdown. Due to the fall of Sensex, Rs.10 lakh crore of the market has been wiped off by the second week of MARCH 2020. This is continued till date impacting a great disruption in demand and supply. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development has estimated that India’s trade impact could be around US$ 38 million. The crisis has created a challenging situation for all the sectors as companies cannot meet their revenue targets. The world travel and tourism council has predicted 50 million tourism jobs getting eliminated due to the COVID-19. The preliminary assessment report also shows nearly 25 million jobs could be lost worldwide. The Banking sectors are willing to provide financial aid to the essentials. But, the uncertainty regarding the job and the business is pulling them back from approaching financial institutions. Bringing the International coordinated policy into practice can help greatly in the global unemployment. Undoubtedly, the progress we make will determine both the shape of our economy and the nation.

Measures to safely restart the economy

Yet the uncertainty remains is all about the next take we should initiate upon bringing the economy to its prior state. As we know many countries have large, informal economies with crowded living conditions and proceeding with long quarantines can be daunting. But it is time to think about the certain activities to be carried out in restarting the economy. This will not be an easier job for sure as it requires adequate precautions like distancing at work, uncrowded transport and personal protection activities. Meanwhile, we should ensure the poor and non-salaried people who are impeded from working for a longer period can survive. Keeping our budgetary constraints, we can help out the weakened enterprises with our limited fiscal resources. Large firms can also channel funds to smaller enterprises. They can raise money and pass it and jobs can be redefined in a way that makes them safer to restart the work.

How digital marketing can help businesses in this lockdown

Online advertising can benefit your business

This is a great opportunity for businesses to use digital marketing on social networks for gaining customer attention for your product or services. You can save your money on your digital marketing budget through online marketing. Recent studies show that internet marketing during COVID-19 has increased the customer engagement by 68%. Obviously this is a great time to promote your business by bringing better strategies.

Use SEO-strategies to beat your competitors

SEO can help your business increase organic traffic to your website and increase the competition. The main goal is to make your business reach on the top of google search results so that people can find you with the appropriate keywords. SEO can also improve your rankings, if you optimize it with rich content and proper keywords. If you can work well on SEO now, then the results will be amazingly good at the end of the crisis.

Business promotions can develop special attention

This is a time where people spend most of their time on internet and social media. You can use social media ads and to communicate and engage your customers for developing a potential client base. With the best digital marketing plan, businesses can improve their visibility and exposure worldwide.

Let’s tackle this out together!

Currently, many organizations are adapting with a new normal of working from home and managing their remote work team. Adjusting with the recent lockdown and respecting social distancing can be a challenge for firms. Not to worry already the authorities are providing support measures and individually you can thrive this period and come out stronger with a proper strategical plan. Stay home and stay safe!

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